A problematizing STS education proposal: the case of Monte Carmelo’s ceramics

  • XVII IOSTE SYMPOSIUM Science and Technology Education for a P IOSTE


In this study we aim to present the paths taken for the elaboration of a teaching proposal based on the problem of the Monte Carmelo’s ceramics and the proposal itself. Our question was: how to develop a proposal of problematizing STS education from a local problem so that similar actions may be promoted in other contexts by basic education teachers? We conducted a field research which consisted on structured interviews individually carried out with five workers of the ceramics industries and a visit to one of these industries. We carried out a study on clay and, after gathering this information, we began the construction of a teaching proposal. This proposal refers a proposition based on Freire’s perspective called pedagogical moments. With the information collected from the field research we created a teaching proposal in a case study format. In it, we present a fictitious problem in which a new ceramic industry housed in Monte Carmelo would be having trouble to produce tiles, which were fragile and brittle. The cause and the solution for the case involved chemical knowledge and the socio­economic­environmental issue experienced in the city. The developed proposal showed to be promising as reference of a problematizing STS education for the teacher. It must be evaluated in practice, which is the continuation of this study.

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