An innovative research-focused intervention for upper secondary science students

  • XVII IOSTE SYMPOSIUM Science and Technology Education for a P IOSTE


Out-of-school interventions are often used as a supplement to in-class learning in science. The educational effect of this type of intervention depend i.a. on how well they are linked to the science curriculum at school. The present study aimed at identifying upper secondary science students’ perceived outcomes of the out-of-school intervention ”Cell, organism and climate”, an intervention developed and implemented as an innovative model by a university and upper secondary schools. Assessment of student satisfaction and perceived outcomes were conducted using students’ responses on a survey (n=63). The survey consisted of closed rating questions, presented using descriptive statistics, and open-ended questions that were analysed using a thematic approach. Overall, the students were excited about the intervention and appreciated the authenticity of the context. Student expectations had primarily been met, the level of the academic content was perceived as appropriate and they had gained knowledge about the nature of science and career options in science. Further, students were able to link in-class theory with the practical examples from the intervention. The findings indicate that the intervention had been well integrated in the in-class curriculum and that the students’ had been well prepared for the intervention. The partnership model seemed to play an important role in relation to designing an out-of-school intervention that positively affected the students as well as their engagement and learning outcomes as the intervention was well integrated with in-class curriculum.

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