Are there interesting cultural interconnections between the sciences, technologies and traditional societies?

  • XVII IOSTE SYMPOSIUM Science and Technology Education for a P IOSTE


The focus of this paper is the importance of dissemination and application of sciences and technologies on science’s teaching into cultural circles of traditional societies. It was developed from a preliminary qualitative study of public opinion with 30 individuals from different social groups of American countries. An open question was employed for data collection: Do you believe that societies living in direct contact with nature (e.g. indigenous) require dissemination and application of science and technology in their cultural backgrounds? Justify your answer. The answers were analyzed inductively about their content. They were grouped into two categories indicating that most of the participants (76.67%), agree that traditional societies need to access and use of science and technologies. On the other hand, 23.33% of the participants indicated that traditional societies do not require to access and use of science and technologies. We conclude that sciences and technologies are important and should be a shared component of science teaching with traditional societies. However, the process will need to avoid cultural overlap, and guarantee a mutual respect. The study will continue with a broader sample and participation of individuals belonging to traditional societies.

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