Environmental education and biodiversity in the media

  • XVII IOSTE SYMPOSIUM Science and Technology Education for a P IOSTE


In this paper we present the analysis of the content of a video about a biodiversity conservation project developed in partnership with the settlers of Movement of Landless Rural Workers of Brazil. The research questions are which components of the biodiversity education are in Ilhas de Biodiversidade (Biodiversity Islands) documentary and what the possibilities to use it to the environmental education with a critic perspective. To answer our questions we transcribe the words, images and sounds of the video and has made a categorization using to the dimensions of values, scientific education concepts and political activity of biodiversity education and the approach frequency and quality of these concepts was examined. We realize that the concepts related to values and political activity were the most frequently, so the video has a socio-environmental approach that converges with the ideals of critical environmental education. We consider this an appropriate video to foster discussions in the classroom and promote a liberating education. The method of analysis of the video, using the concepts related to biodiversity education under a critical perspective can be a good reference to substantiate the choice of media resources for use in the classroom, making more in-depth the discussions on biodiversity, associating it with socioeconomic and cultural factors, and human diversity incorporating like part of this same biodiversity. In another phase of our study we will be analyzing the responsiveness of teachers in relation to this media and which mediations will proposed by them for the use of the audiovisual media in basic education.

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