Stand of Science: mobile communication science inquiring about culture and society in schools

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The "Stand of Science" is a project of mobile science communication, that uses newsstand-like structures and other simple exhibition materials to bring science exhibitions to public locations as parks, schools, and events. It is driven by three main principles (1) the employment of low-cost and simple materials; (2) the connection of cultural manifestations and social issues to science, mainly by using artistic and media resources; (3) the joy aspect of science, by the use of games, recreation, and entertainment resources. In 2013, we started with initiatives more directly in schools, by involving teachers in the development of school projects with their students. We settled the work in two modalities, JOANINHA (Ladybug), for 4-7 years-old students from kindergarten to elementary, and ALICE for 11-14 years-old students of junior high school. In JOANINHA we perform activities with puppetry, logical games, songs, costumes, handcrafted toys and mockups, approaching themes as space exploration, robots, animal rights, and women in science. It foresees the parents´ participation as well, in workshops and in helping their kids to prepare exhibition materials. In ALICE we approached similar topics adapted to teenager´s interests, with TV series, pop-rock songs, handcrafted robots, simple experiments, role-playing humor sketches, science fiction and fantasy books, and so on. As for JOANINHA, in ALICE we promote a final exhibition to be for the schoolmates, parents, and the school community.

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