The curriculum and the textbook of basic education: contributions for the formation of undergraduates in Biological Sciences

  • XVII IOSTE SYMPOSIUM Science and Technology Education for a P IOSTE


This investigation-formation-action has been carried out in a licentiate’s degree in Biological Sciences in the curriculum component Teaching Practice in Science / Biology II. The studies focused on the relationship between the curriculum development and basic education textbooks used to the Biological Sciences teachers’ formation. The formative movements experienced by undergraduate  students at the Teaching Practice subject were recorded as written narratives in logbooks. Fifty-four undergraduates have participated in the research, along with the head and research professors. In this study, the analysis of the fourth reflective spiral, evolution and meaning of the curricular conceptions of Biological Sciences undergraduates in the process of initial formation, was performed through the Text Analysis Discourse in signaled movements, emerging from the analysis of the keywords, which characterized the description given by the undergraduates in the narratives written in the logbooks. In the investigation-formation-action were made reflections that led to formative problems, what allowed situating the contexts in different themes and situations of initial formation in Biological Sciences Teaching Degree. It was possible to identify and analyze the conceptions of curriculum of the undergraduates that have been modified and signaled four reflective cycles by the formation processes which allowed the movements of the reflective spiral.

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