The influence of scientific discourse on student´s understanding of biodiversity complexity

  • XVII IOSTE SYMPOSIUM Science and Technology Education for a P IOSTE


Biodiversity is a main concept to biology understanding. The biodiversity includes three hierarchical levels, comprising from genes to ecosystem. Additionally, biodiversity has a major role to Science education, because it supports citizens to understand environmental questions from local until global levels. Our research group produces investigative didactic sequences (IDS) based on the references of Biological Sciences and Science Education (scientific literacy and the teaching by research). The activities of the IDS in this research had the intention of introduce students to the scientific ways of knowing the world, bringing them closer to the practices of scientific community. So this IDS present a scientific discourse marked throughout all its activities. Accordingly, the aim of this work is to understand which influence the scientific discourse of the investigative didactic sequence plays to the student's comprehension of the complex biodiversity concept. The didactic was applied to 31 students of the second year of high school. It totalized 16 classes of 50 minutes each. Data from this research are the written records of students along the activities proposed by the IDS. We use the concept of classification proposed by Bernstein to analyze the influence of scientific discourse on the student´s answers. In addition, we build another instrument to investigate the biodiversity complexity comprehension. Our data suggest that the predominant scientific discourse in IDS provided students to solve the problems proposed by using the scientific language rather than common sense. They extended their comprehension of biodiversity complexity by producing a higher number of associations of this concept with other concepts of biology (intradisciplinarity). Thus, this is one way of appropriating citizens with scientific knowledge so that they can act more critically, and then help to build a more sustainable society.

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