Training Timorese Science teachers in the context of international cooperation: what role could ICT play?

  • XVII IOSTE SYMPOSIUM Science and Technology Education for a P IOSTE


The Government of East-Timor has been supporting several approaches to empower national education, since its independence back in 2002. One of the priority areas has been the implementation of in-service teacher training programs in cooperation with higher education institutions from other countries, such as Portugal. In this paper the authors describe and reflect on a particular science teacher training program held in Díli in 2011in order to discuss the role of ICT towards a better education for all, in line with the recently approved sustainable development goals (SDGs). The authoethongraphical approach that was used is conceptually supported on the Model of Situated Perspective on teacher learning and professional development (Borko, 2004). One important output is the fact that Timorese teachers are not the only professionals that need continuous development programs involving ICT. Teacher trainers need it as well in order to be able to integrate it in their teaching practices and support others to do it.

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