Validation and production of inquiry didactic sequences of biology

  • XVII IOSTE SYMPOSIUM Science and Technology Education for a P IOSTE


The objective of this paper is to describe the stages of validation and production of inquiry didactics sequences (IDS) and to discuss contributions to the approach between the research in biology education and the practice. Our research are a combination of combines the solving of problems in educational practice and elaborating and validating theories. The IDS are a set of activities organized with beginning, development and finish. The IDS have a context and the students of science classes need to resolve a scientific issue, during the class. Our model has 3 phases: Research phase, Practice phase and Dialogic phase (RPD model). There are productions, evaluations and re-workings. All phases are divided into stages. In the research phase, the research group make productions, actions or validations. In practice phase, the protagonist is a teacher. In dialogic phase, the research group do the changes based on the practice and the theories. We conclude that the stages of validation and production are important to produce research data in biology education and the stages are important for teacher training. All stages and phases provide opportunities to learn how to collect data, create problems of research and discuss the results. For PhD students in Science Education, the RPD model offers the opportunity to understand how the stages of a research in biological education are. When we used the RPD model, we produced tools to analyze the argumentation, to do theses and dissertations and to produce educational materials for the biology education.

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