International experience in Keeping Public Order in Courts: what prospect for implementation under Ukrainian Law?


This article articulates that there is the need to abridge the situation of international experience in protecting and keeping public order in courts and also in ensuring the possibilities of its application in Ukraine. In order for us to have a concrete understanding of this concepts, it has been concluded that there is currently any world practice of the most effective and universal mechanism for ensuring and keeping public order in courts. This activity in most countries is usually entrusted to several services or law enforcement agencies. The experience of protecting and keeping public order in courts has been distinguished, which must be taken into account for the development of the Ukrainian Judicial Protection Service, where close and trusting relations has been established between the law enforcement service in courts and the judges of a particular court; carrying out of the protection of public order should include not only ensuring the court premises with a sufficient number of highly professional security guards, but also its (court) equipment with the necessary technical and electronic devices; the judicial protection service should closely interact with law enforcement agencies of both state and local level, especially in regions with a high crime situation; the implementation of activities to ensure and keep public order in courts should be based on the relevant special conceptual and program documents, should provide specific approaches to risk assessment and forms and methods of responding to them.

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Biografia do Autor

Stanislav Denysyuk, Department of Public Law Scientific Institute of Public Law Street - Kyiv - Ukraine

Doctor of Law, Professor, Leading Researcher of the Department of Public Law Scientific Institute of Public Law Street - Kyiv - Ukraine

Nataliia Yuzikova, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University

Doctor of Science of Law, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Administrative and Criminal Law of the Oles Honchar Dnipro National University. Dnipro - Ukraine

Olena Pochanska, Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs

Doctor of Jurisprudence, Associate Professor of the Department Legal Support of Economic Activity Faculty No. 6, Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs - Kharkiv – Ukraine

Inna Volska, Chernivtsi National University

Postgraduate Student of the Department of Procedural Law, Chernivtsi National University - Chernivtsi - Ukraine